2011 Ford F450 4x4 Heavy Duty Ambulance (Truck #75931-1)

Mileage: 85200
Drivetrain: 4x4
Fuel Type: Diesel
Engine: 6.7L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel
OAH: 9' 3"
OAL: 25' 2"
Ideal Remount Candidate
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100 Point Inspection
This ambulance has been test driven, inspected, detailed, and put through our rigorous 100-point inspection to be sure that each and every component is working properly.

Key features

The photos below represent each feature on this truck, but may not show the truck's actual equipment
Quick Flip Center Console Solid State Electrical System
Trilayer Vinyl Flooring
No-Nonsense Rocker Switches
Arm Rest & Cupholders
Auto Extension Side Step

Chassis & Module


Overall Length: 25' 2"
Overall Height: 9' 3"
Modular Length: 164
Modular Width: 96
Interior Height: 72