We are Arrow

We build quality ambulances while focusing on saving you money.

Our customers have been saving money on emergency vehicles for over 25 years. Whether you're buying new or used, or reconditiong and remounting, we deliver quality ambulances at more affordable prices.

Ambulance interior reimagined by Arrow 01


We make an unmatched effort to work closely with our customers, to find and modify an existing configuration and shape it to their exact needs.

Ambulance body reengineered by Arrow 02


Every angle, every weld, and every wire is planned and installed with flawless precision by craftsmen who understand the importance of dependability.

Ram 4500 Ambulance Reborn by Arrow


When we place our logo on a truck, we're signing our name to our work and promising that your ambulance is ready to work as hard as any truck coming off a showroom floor.

Ambulances for sale

New chevy type 1 ambulance

New Ambulances (Gen 2)

We breath new life into existing boxes and shape them into like-new, warrantied trucks that are ready to hit the road.

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Remounted chevy ambulance

Remount Process

Our ambulance remount process is unmatched. We've been remounting for over 25 years, and stand behind every truck we deliver.

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