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Choose Arrow to make your money go further.

Why choose Arrow
  • Hill City Ambulance
    Hill City Ambulance Hill City, SD
  • Huron Ambulance
    Huron Ambulance Huron, SD
  • Avera McKennan Care Flight
    Avera McKennan Care Flight Sioux Falls, SD
  • East Peoria Fire Department
    East Peoria Fire Department East Peoria, IL
  • Rosebud Sioux Tribe Ambulance Service
    Rosebud Sioux Tribe Ambulance Service Rosebud, SD
  • Wayne County Hospital
    Wayne County Hospital Corydon, IA

Our version of building and selling ambulances isn't what you're used to.

Over 377 departments continue to choose Arrow Ambulances, because they want the things that only we can deliver.

Factory-Direct Relationship Factory-Direct Relationship

You deserve a factory-direct relationship.

You’ll never have to experience that slow, difficult communication chain between you, a middle-man dealer, and the manufacturer. That’s because we only sell factory direct (no dealers) and give you direct access to our sales, parts, and service teams. When you call, we’ll answer. And we’ll always be ready to help.

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We will improve the way you buy and maintain ambulances.

If you’re looking for flashy technology like remote computer diagnostics or touchscreen control panels, you won’t find it in our trucks. We’ll put your budget to work on the things that we believe matter most: chassis features, quality materials and manufacturing, functional components, dependable systems and serviceability features.

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We understand that not all budgets are created equal – so we created solutions that'll fit any budget.

A smart ambulance buying strategy is trusting someone who understands the true needs of your department, identifies existing value in your current fleet, and helps you honestly stretch your money as far as it can go by using the right mixture of new, Gen2, remounted or used trucks.