Ambulance Maintenance & Serviceability

We understand the time and effort it takes to properly maintain and repair an ambulance, and the importance of keeping your truck on the road. So we’re constantly innovating new ways to make your mechanic's life simpler and keep your maintenance and repair costs lower.

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Customizable & Removable Center Consoles in Type 1 Ambulances

The custom center consoles in Arrow's Type 1 truck-style ambulances are designed for easy removal, maintenance, and customization. Choose from several customizations including binder holders, cup holders, glove dispensers, and your choice of no-nonsense rocker switch layouts.

Door Latch Troubleshooting & Linkage Adjustments

If your door is not opening or closing properly, or your door's latch or lock hardware is malfunctioning, you can access all door hardware through an easy to remove access panel. Removing this panel gives you access to adjust door linkage rods, replace door latches, or repair lock mechanisms.

Quick-flip center console for easy Type 3 engine access

We custom engineer each ambulance's electrical system and wiring harness to ensure all wiring is only coming from the box forward to the cab's console. There are absolutely no wires coming from the chassis or dash into the center console. So when you need quick and easy access to the engine doghouse, that's exactly what you'll get.

Solid State Electrical Systems

An ambulance's electrical system is the heart and soul of the entire rig. That's why we dedicated so much time into designing a solid-state system that's reliable. Arrow's solid state electrical systems are well organized and labeled, they're built using simple, rocker-style switches with LED indicator lights, and they include empty circuits so you can easily add more components.

Easy access to Manual Heat Disconnect Valves

We install manual heat disconnect valves on each new ambulance we build. When it comes time for your mechanic to service your heat or AC system, they'll be able to easily disconnect the module's heat & ac unit from the chassis's unit, and avoid draining the entire system.