Not all budgets are created equal.

That’s why we created the Gen2 Ambulance.

Generation 2 ambulances are the perfect blend of a brand new chassis, new Arrow features, and Qualified Existing Components. In the end, it’s a turn-key, dependable, like-new ambulance but built to fit nearly any budget.

Choosing to utilize existing components means you save up to $30,000.

Gen2 Ambulance
  • LED lighting
  • Boxes not needing repainted
  • Interior components
  • Door hardware
  • Electrical power inverters
Typically Included

Qualified existing components

Save up to $30,000 by utilizing these existing components

  • LED lighting, warning packages, & sirens
  • Boxes not needing to be repainted
  • Chair/cushion upholstery & vinyl flooring
  • Door latch & lock hardware
  • Electrical power inverters
Typically included

New Arrow features

  • New, zero-mile chassis
  • Solid state electrical system
  • Custom center console with service access
  • Command center with no-nonsense rocker switches
  • Aluminum diamond plate trim package
  • Gen 2 warranty with the Arrow Guarantee

Why are Qualified Existing Components important?

A Qualified Existing Component is a quality, cost-saving part or feature that is reused from an existing ambulance. When these components are utilized on a Gen2 ambulance, our customers can save up to $30,000 in upgrade costs. It’s a smart way to get big features at a lesser price tag than buying each feature new. We also inventory and sell several Qualified Existing Components as replacement parts to help you save money on maintenance. It’s taken us 30 years to learn how to properly identify exactly which boxes, components, and electronics deserve the Qualified Existing Component label. Compromising the quality, dependability, and safety of an ambulance just to save money is never an option.

Gen2 Inventory

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