How you can benefit from buying an Ideal Remount Candidate

First off, what is an Ideal Remount Candidate?

An Ideal Remount Candidate is an ambulance module that meets or exceeds the design and construction criteria required to go through Arrow’s industry-leading ambulance remount process. We’ve spent 30 years remounting nearly every ambulance brand on the market so we know how to identify which trucks deserve this label.

A used ambulance with the Ideal Remount Candidate label meets the following criteria:

  • Lots of mileage left in the chassis and engine, and ready to be put into service
  • Trusted original module brand such as AEV, McCoy Miller, MedTec, Braun, Horton, or Road Rescue.
  • Meets design and construction criteria required for our industry-leading remount process
  • Qualified existing components that can be utilized to save money when remounting

Ready for service now. Ready to be remounted on a new chassis later.

These used ambulances are often in excellent condition and have a lot of life and miles left in them, so they can typically be put straight into service. We encourage you to get the free miles out of the truck. Then, once your chassis maintenance budget starts to suffer, you can upgrade and remount your module onto a new, zero-mile chassis at a fraction of the price of buying new.

And because you purchased a used ambulance with our Ideal Remount Candidate label you can be confident in knowing the module is pre-approved for remounting, instead of unknowingly buying a used ambulance that we can’t remount.

At the end of the day, it’s all about stretching your money.

Our goal is always to help our customers’ money go further. And buying an Ideal Remount Candidate is the next best thing to remounting your own, existing module.

Below is an example scenario to help you see the financial impact of buying and utilizing an Ideal Remount Candidate truck, vs simply buying new.

Ideal Remount Candidate Strategy

Year 1 – Spend $29,900 for a used Ideal Remount Candidate Type 3 with around 100k miles. Put directly into service and utilize for 2 years.

Year 3 – Remount your Ideal Remount Candidate’s Type 3 module onto a new, zero-mile chassis for $65,000, with a new warranty. Put into service for 6 years.

Year 9 – All-in price of $94,900. Remount again on to a new, zero-mile chassis for $65,000 and put into service for 6 more years.

End of Year 14 – All-in price of $159,900 ($11,421/year)

$40,000 savings, and 2 free years compared to buying new!

Buy New then Remount Strategy

Year 1 – Spend $135,000 on a new Type 3 and put in service for 6 years.

Year 7 – Remount the module onto a new, zero-mile chassis for $65,000 and put into service for 6 more years.

End of Year 12  – All-in price of $200,000 ($16,666/year)

What will you compromise?

Nothing. With the Ideal Remount Candidate strategy you end up with the same better-than-new trucks each time you remount as you would when buying a new Arrow ambulance. You pick the chassis and features you want, and we help your money go further by utilizing the existing box and any qualified existing components already on your rig (LED lighting, inverters, chair/cushion upholstery, flooring, etc.).  You’re simply putting the value of the module to good use after you’ve extracted.

We’ll even provide a free loaner ambulance during each 6-week remount.


If you have any questions about our Ideal Remount Candidate strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us!