2015 Ford E450 Type 3 AEV Ambulance (Truck #10921)

Mileage: 57554
Drivetrain: 4x2
Fuel Type: Gas
Engine: V-10
OAH: 8'9"
OAL: 22'6"
Ideal Remount Candidate
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Key features

The photos below represent each feature on this truck, but may not show the truck's actual equipment
Solid State Electrical System
Large Walk-Through Cab Opening
Trilayer Vinyl Flooring
No-Nonsense Rocker Switches
Document & Device Holder
Stainless Flip Up Bumper
Kussmaul Auto Eject

Chassis & Module


Overall Length: 22'6"
Overall Height: 8'9"
Modular Length: 165"
Modular Width: 95"
Interior Height: 72"

Chassis Features

  • 57,554 miles
  • V-10 Gas
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Gray, Cloth Interior
  • A/C
  • Cruise/Tilt
  • Power Mirrors
  • Front Console with Drink Holders & Map/Binder Storage

Module Features

  • Cobalt Blue Interior Upholstrey
  • Safety Net at Head End of Squad Bench
  • Glove Box Holders Above Squad Bench
  • Rear-Facing Captain's Chair with Swivel Base
  • Plexiglass Cabinet Doors with Full-Length Extruded Aluminum Handles
  • Left Side Attendant's Seat
  • Walk-Thru
  • Universal Oxygen Straps

Electrical & HVAC

Paint & Finishes