This truck is an Ideal Remount Candidate
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2010 Chevrolet G4500 Type 3 Marque Ambulance Truck #33328

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  • Engine

    6.6L V8 Diesel
  • Chassis

    Chevrolet G4500

An Ideal Remount Candidate is an ambulance module that meets or exceeds the design and construction criteria required to go through Arrow's industry-leading ambulance remount process.

When you purchase a used ambulance with the Ideal Remount Candidate label you can be confident in knowing the box can be remounted onto a brand new, zero-mile chassis of your choosing.

These used ambulances are often in excellent condition and have a lot of life and miles left in them, so they can typically be put straight into service. Then, once you've gotten the free miles out of the truck and your chassis maintenance budget starts to suffer, you can upgrade and remount your module onto a new chassis at a fraction of the price of buying new.

Chassis & Module


  • Overall Length – 23'3"
  • Overall Height – 9'1"
  • Modular Length – 164"
  • Modular Width – 96"
  • Interior Height – 72"

Chassis Features

  • 6.6L Duramax
  • White Exterior
  • Gray, Cloth Interior
  • Power windows/doors
  • A/C
  • Cruise/tilt
  • Power Mirrors
  • AM/FM/CD
  • Back Up Camera

Module Features

  • Remounted by Arrow in 2010
  • Gray/Blue Interior
  • Rear Action Counter Top
  • Lonseal Lonplate II Flooring
  • Rear Facing Captains Chair with Adjustable Swivel Base and Integrated Child Safety Seat
  • Suction
  • Glove Holders Above All Entry Doors
  • Corion Counter Tops
  • Safety Net at Head End of Squad Bench
  • Inside/Outside ALS for Quick Access to Jump Bags
  • Inside/Out Access to L3 and Backboard Compartment
  • Waste/Sharps at Head End of Squad Bench and on Action Area Counter

Electrical & HVAC

Exterior Electrical

  • LED Warning Lights
  • Kussmaul Auto-Eject for Shoreline
  • Vanner Inverter/charger
  • Zico Hydraulic Lift Oxygen Tank

Interior Electrical

  • LED Cot Lights
  • Checkout Timer
  • Intellitec Clock
  • Electric Door Locks
  • IV Warmer