Arrow has specialized in saving our customers money on their emergency vehicle needs for over 25 years. Whether you're buying a new or used ambulance, remounting an existing truck, searching for ambulance parts, or in need of collision repair, we have the knowledge and experience to fulfill all of your emergency vehicle needs at more affordable prices.

Stryker Installation

Arrow Manufacturing is an experienced installer and dealer of Stryker equipment. Call us for help or advice with this impressive upgrade to your existing ambulance or to discuss the latest Stryker products. Installing a Stryker Power Load system during the ambulance remounting process is even less expensive because of the nature of the manufacturing process. Contact us for pricing and more information about our Stryker inventory!

Ambulance Remounting

Utilize an existing box and save money! The primary benefit of the ambulance remount strategy is financial. We really do help our customers save dollars. We utilize an existing box to reduce the cost by up to 50 percent, saving the time and money it takes to both manufacture the shell and install the interior finish and the cabinetry.

New Ambulances (Gen2)

If you don’t have a box to remount, we can still help. Arrow’s vast inventory provides an extremely unique opportunity to see all brands in one location—you chose which one you like best. A new chassis coupled with a remounted and reconditioned module is our way to saving you thousands.

Ambulance Parts

Whether your ambulance has an Arrow sticker on it or not, we have the parts on hand to get your truck back up and running. We carry a vast inventory of new and like-new parts from many manufacturers. Parts can be picked up at our facility, shipped or custom ordered.

Loaner Ambulances

We have late model, full size, dependable ambulances ready for the road at all times. Arrow can work directly with your insurance company to cover the cost of the loaner vehicle or integrate the loaner cost with collision repair costs. No matter the reason for your truck being out of service, we’ll have an ambulance ready for you. We can deliver our loaner vehicles if customers are not able to pick them up.

Ambulance Collision Repair

Our experience with all makes and models of ambulances and chassis gives us a unique advantage when repairing a wrecked ambulance, rescue or fire truck. Because we are a manufacturer, we have a greater knowledge of emergency vehicles and better access to parts than local body shops. We can work quickly with your insurance company to make sure you’re getting the most with your money when repairing your truck that is out of service. If the chassis damage is substantial, it may also be an opportunity to consider remounting rather than a repair. Loaner vehicles are also readily available to keep your team on the road.